Our Vision

To improve global public health through infectious disease diagnostics

Our Mission:

To promote the development of accessible infectious disease diagnostics through multidisciplinary innovation along the development pipeline from research to impact in different global settings.

Meeting the Challenge

Half of the world’s population has little to no access to diagnostics for infectious diseases, even though they often carry the global burden. Almost every global health priority (antimicrobial resistance, global health security) depends on better access to quick and accurate diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

Our center identifies promising emerging technologies, particularly those that are affordable and useful in resource-limited settings, and facilitates their translational movement along the development pipeline into clinical assessment and commercialization.

Recent Innovations in Diagnostics: News and Reports

Antibiotic overuse, poor antimicrobial stewardship, and low specificity of syndromic case management in a cross section of men with urethral discharge syndrome in Kampala, Uganda
Drizzle Health won the 2024 MassChallenge HealthTech award.


The Center strives to ensure equitable access to quality diagnostic tests.